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Preventing Combine Fires

Combine on Fire in Field

During a three-day period in October 2011, 100 combine fires erupted in northwestern Iowa within a 10 county area. Warm temperatures, high winds, and exceptionally dry crop conditions were some of the contributing factors. But, combine fires can erupt anytime there is an accumulation of crop tinder near a hot spot. Crop tinder doesn’t have […]

What Can I Do to Prevent a Lightning Loss?

Lightning damage can be devastating, costing the insurance industry billions of dollars each year while causing deadly fires and destructive power surges in the blink of an eye.  Every home and business should be prepared before it strikes. Did you know there are an average of 25 million lightning strikes detected each year in the […]

Aging Electrical Systems

House on Fire

Bad Wires, Start Fires Electricity is a powerful tool. But it can also be lethal. It is blamed for thousands of deaths, injuries, and over $1 billion in property damage each year. What some may think of as “minor” electrical problems inolder homes can lead to a dangerous fire. Hidden Electrical HazardsDid you know older […]

Farmowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Frequently Asked Questions

Farmowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Q: What does Equipment Breakdown cover?A: Farmowner’s Equipment Breakdown coverage protects equipment against the perils of mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems breakdown, which are restricted/excluded perils in the underlying form. Equipment Breakdown coverage also covers the farm dwelling and its contents along with barns, stables, other structures, and farm personal property. Q: What is the […]

Farm Owners Equipment Breakdown Coverage Loss Scenarios

Farm Insurance Loss Photo

A Waukesha model 1905 GRU generator ceased to function. The control failure allowed the motor to over amp, which blew the piston through the motor block. The repair was needed and the motor was replaced.Property Damage: $25,000A silo unloader crashed. The pin roll in the winch sheared allowing the silo unloader to become loose.Property Damage: […]