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Safety Awareness for Space Heaters

Put a Freeze on Winter Fires Graphic

In conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association, Merrimac Lodi Mutual wants you to have a safe heating season. A shortage in liquid propane has left many homeowners looking for alternative heating. Although space heaters can be a viable option, space heaters need space. That’s a key message from the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and […]

What Can I Do to Prevent a Lightning Loss?

Lightning damage can be devastating, costing the insurance industry billions of dollars each year while causing deadly fires and destructive power surges in the blink of an eye.  Every home and business should be prepared before it strikes. Did you know there are an average of 25 million lightning strikes detected each year in the […]

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

Electrical Fire

Is Your Home Safe? According to the American Red Cross, “fires kill more Americans each year than all-natural disasters combined, affecting people from all backgrounds and geographical locations.” Unlike natural disasters, electrical fires ARE preventable. Smoke alarms, fire drills, and fire extinguishers help save lives AFTER the fire occurs. But what can stop an electrical […]

Aging Electrical Systems

House on Fire

Bad Wires, Start Fires Electricity is a powerful tool. But it can also be lethal. It is blamed for thousands of deaths, injuries, and over $1 billion in property damage each year. What some may think of as “minor” electrical problems inolder homes can lead to a dangerous fire. Hidden Electrical HazardsDid you know older […]

Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What does equipment breakdown cover?A: It covers the perils of mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems breakdown, which are excluded or limited perils in the homeowner’s policy. Q: What are some examples of covered property?A: Examples of covered property are items in a home that can break mechanically or electrically; for example, wine cooling unit, […]

Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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Merrimac Lodi Mutual Insurance Company is pleased to offer an alternative to home warranty plans. Equipment Breakdown coverage is now available through your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Whether you are a renter or a high-value homeowner, we have your equipment breakdown exposures covered. If it uses electric power, it is most likely subject to equipment breakdown.Often […]