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Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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Merrimac Lodi Mutual Insurance Company is pleased to offer an alternative to home warranty plans. Equipment Breakdown coverage is now available through your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Whether you are a renter or a high-value homeowner, we have your equipment breakdown exposures covered.

If it uses electric power, it is most likely subject to equipment breakdown.
Often this equipment requires sophisticated diagnostic tools and skilled technicians to oversee a potential repair. Equipment Breakdown coverage protects you against unexpected repair or replacement costs due to an electrical, mechanical, or pressure systems breakdown. Best of all, this additional coverage follows the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Off-premises coverage
is now included. Coverage was previously limited to “Residence Premise” and now we’ve extended coverage for property that is away from the described premises.

Typical Losses

During a family vacation, a storm caused a power outage. A laptop computer and cell phone were charging when the outage occurred. When power was restored, a voltage spike damaged the
items beyond repair and required their replacement. With the Off-Premises Coverage, the homeowner would now be covered!
Cost of Repairs: $3,750

A personal computer (PC) used to control multiple systems (HVAC, lighting, and irrigation) within the home sustained electrical damage from a power surge. Replacement of the computer and the unique programming was required.
Property Damage: $2,975

• Clothes Washers and Dryers
• Computer Equipment
• Dishwashers
• Freezer Units
• Garbage Disposals
• Heat Pumps
• High-Efficiency Home Heating and Central A/C Systems
• Home Security Systems
• Kitchen Refrigerators
• Lighting and Home Environment Monitoring
• Microwaves
• Ovens
• Sump Pumps
• Surround Sound Systems
• Swimming Pool Equipment
• Televisions (Plasma, LCD, etc)
• Water Heaters
• Well Water Pumps

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