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Merrimac Lodi Mutual is Now Wisconsin River Mutual Insurance Company.

Providing Quality Farm and Home Insurance for over 145 years.


A special joint meeting of the Wisconsin River Mutual Insurance Company and the Berry & Roxbury Mutual Insurance Company policyholders will be held on August 24, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the 6:8 Building, 821 Industry Rd, Sauk City Wisconsin, to discuss and to vote on the proposed merger of Berry & Roxbury into Merrimac Lodi Mutual Insurance Company. 

The Boards of Directors of both Merrimac Lodi Mutual and Berry & Roxbury Mutual have determined that a merger of Berry & Roxbury Mutual into Merrimac Lodi Mutual will benefit the current and future policyholders of both companies. By combining the assets and reserves of the companies, the merger will provide greater financial strength and stability for the surviving company, which will result in greater security to the members of both companies.  The merger will also assist in spreading the risk of loss and reducing the cost of company operation. The Boards of Directors have determined that the merger is fair and equitable to both Merrimac Lodi and Berry & Roxbury policyholders. 

All Merrimac Lodi Mutual policyholders have a right to vote on the merger under Section 612.12 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  A summary of the Agreement and Plan of Merger entered into by both companies is enclosed for your review. The Agreement and Plan of Merger was filed by both companies with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (the OCI), which must approve the merger prior to it being submitted to a vote of both companies’ policyholders.  The OCI approved the merger on .

A complete copy of the Agreement and Plan of Merger is available for your inspection, if you wish, during business hours at either Merrimac Lodi Mutual, 431 Water St, Ste 115, Prairie du Sac, WI; or Berry & Roxbury Mutual, 4766 Hwy KP, Cross Plains Wisconsin.

Please call if you have any questions on the merger or the joint meeting. We hope to see you on August 24 at 7:00 at the 6:8 Building in Sauk City.